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This is a quick guide about how to automatically import new music into your iTunes music library.

The problem

You have an existing music library in iTunes that syncs to your iDevice. You download a ton of new music over time. You want to get that music onto your iDevice, but you don't want to drag and drop every file.

The solution

In your iTunes media location, there is a folder called Automatically Add to iTunes which you can simply drag and drop your music MP3 files. iTunes watches this folder and automatically adds your new MP3's to your music library. This way, you can drag a whole bunch on new files to that folder and won't need to worry about dragging and dropping directly to the iTunes window.

The folder locations are as follows:

OSX: ~ / Music / iTunes / iTunes Media / Automatically Add to iTunes /

Windows: C:UsersYour UsernameMusiciTunesiTunes MediaAutomatically Add to iTunes).

Quick notes

  • Placing non-mp3 files will automatically won't be imported to your library, so you don't need to worry about accidentally . It will create a folder with those files that didn't get imported.
  • This feature apparently was available from version 9. iTunes 10.6 is the latest version as of this writing.
  • Bear in mind that this means the file is copied to iTunes, and not just indexed at its original location.

Solution #2

File -> Add Folder to Library, select your music folder.

It'll rescan that folder, and add anything new.

Don't forget to check for duplicates!

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