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In Google Chrome, you can install custom user javascript (a.k.a "userscripts") that lets you do cool things to website. I think of them as power-ups for your browser. In recent builds of Google Chrome, attempting to download and install userscripts will be met by the following error;

Extensions, apps and user scripts can only be added from the Chrome Web Store

Like the message says, you must download userscripts from the Chrome Web Store. This is to protect your average Joe from malicious code which is fine and dandy, but i'm a pro and I know what the hell i'm doing. I don't wan't to make an extension, I just wan't to install the script.

The solution

  1. Make a folder where you will store your userscripts. My Documents is good for most people, but it can really be anywhere. I personally store my userscripts in separate partition where all my development work is saved.
  2. In Chrome, navigate to your extensions page; type in chrome://chrome/extensions/ or you could open up the Chrome Main menu -> Tools -> Extensions.
  3. Drag and drop your .user.js to the extensions page. It will ask you if you want to install. Click yes.
  4. There is no step 4. You're done.


The best place for userscripts is at userscripts.org.

Like always, if you find a new/cool/more efficient way to do this, let me know by tweeting @y00fie or sending me an email. I will update this post accordingly.

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