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about me

You are probably wondering what the purpose of this website being here is, so ill tell you. This website was created to store one man's opinions, thoughts, art, and writing on a personal webspace. Im sure you wont come back, but all I ask you is to respect my work and not copy my work in any way. With all that said, take a look around and enjoy what you see.

movie & book reviews

In the reviews section of the site, you will find a list of recent movies and books that I watched and read. Even though I call them reviews, it's more like a personal notebook of things that I liked and disliked rather than a full blown review like the ones you'll find on newspapers or popular blogs. My "reviews" are meant to highlight some immediate thoughts that came up when I watched/read the movie/book rather than a thought-out critique. They are quick and shallow. If you want a full dissection of any depth, you won't find it here.

  • Q: Why don't I do a full blown reviews and dive into the deep dark topics that define the art form and the human condition?

    A: I'm lazy.

  • Q: Explain your rating system

    A: Like I said, I'm lazy. So I will let this guy explain it for me. The only difference is that my scale is one to five instead of one to ten.

theLog and notes

theLog is my tumblr where I post quick snippets of interesting of funny text, images, chats or links. Notes is a simple repository of useful things. kb.yoofie.net is another repo of general knowledge. This repo will probably be the most updated since I will use it as a personal reference site and database. So yeah, feel free to browse or comment.

The technical details

The site you are on now is hosted by the good folks at A Small OrangeByethost.com. Early versions of this site used to run on Frog CMS, but now it runs on XML/XSLT powered Symphony CMS. The tumblog is powered by Tumblr.

Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.