January 15th, 2009

The Road (2006)

A father and his son try to survive in an apocalyptic wasteland.

by Cormac Mcarthy
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  • So I decided to read this after hearing a lot of people say that this book was really good. I am a fan of apocalyptic stories so what can I not like?

  • Wait, I actually listened to the audiobook version, I didn't "read" it

  • Anyway, I thought the book wasn't as good as everyone made it sound

  • It's not so much the writing as it is the content, the book is pretty boring

  • Father and son go do this, walk there, scavenge here, sleep upstairs. There are about two or three events in the book that were suspenseful and exciting

  • In those two or three events where everything got interesting, I couldn't stop listening (remember, I listened to the audiobook)

  • those parts were really good, but otherwise the book was boring

  • The descriptive writing was actually pretty good

  • but I don't see why this is particularly good compared to other post-apocalyptic stories

in a nutshell

Not as good as people say, but not that bad either. Mostly boring.

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