September 7th, 2010

WWW : Wake (2009)

Blind girl can see the internets

by Robert J. Sawyer
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  • I like the premise of the book

  • blind girl gets implant from Japanese researcher in hopes of curing her blindness

  • she gets to see the internet as a unexpected side-effect

  • I'm not satisfied with the explanation of how she gained her web sight abilities

  • book has educational bits of knowledge scattered everywhere, and I like it

  • good character development. Characters are three dimensional making you feel for them

  • the story provokes you to think about human pattern recognition and perception

  • there are three seperate plot lines that are opened up and you can tell they will eventually meet in books two and three

  • its about time I read a book where the science and the future are plausible and not far out

  • I am looking forward to reading the next two book in this trilogy

  • Update: May 29th, 2012. I read the whole trilogy but I forgot to review them in a timely fashion and therefore there will be no reviews of the second and third books. They are very good reads for sci-fi fans. If you read the first book and enjoyed it, I think you will enjoy the series, especially the third book. I must say, the end was quite good and memorable.

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