November 29th, 2010

Centurion (2010)

Romans take on the Brits

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  • I like these types of movies

  • movie is actually quite good

  • there is like 15 minutes of plot and storyline total for the entire movie, the rest is awesome gory action/adventure scenes

  • lots of blood and gore, thats good for people who like realism

  • speaking of realism, a lot of the beheadings and fight scenes are exagerated. For example, one Pict (The Brits) was running away from a Roman on hosreback. The Roman pushes the Pict head first into a tree. All you see is the head smashed to bits as if you shot a watermellon

  • scenes are brutal and gory

  • some pretty weird shit like eating food from the stomach of a dead caribou

  • very good cinematography, nice scenery, landscapes etc

in a nutshell

If you like blood, gore and guts, this one is for you.

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