December 10th, 2010

Skyline (2010)

Aliens vaccuum earth for human brains

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Warning! This review contains Spoliers

  • movie is a steaming pile of crap, just to make sure you understand that right away

  • characters are annoying

  • the characters annoyingness makes you hope that they get sucked up by the aliens

  • godawful script

  • Even if you're facing annihilation, it's okay to complain your boyfriend out when you find pictures of him kissing another girl.

  • military vs. aliens dogfights are so retarded and cheesy that it makes me want to cry

  • is this movie trying to rip off a actual good movie like Indepandance day?

  • I hope not, because if it did, it failed miserably

  • only good thing about this movie is that the aliens actually win (too many movies portray humans as victors where if Aliens actually did invade, Aliens would win)

in a nutshell

crap movie is crap

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