January 13th, 2011

Death Race 2 (2010)

The movie that explains how Death Race came to be

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  • I just downloaded this movie to see how the plot can be twisted even more to warrant another movie. Then I realized it was a prequel.

  • Since it was a prequel, I wonder why they used a guy that pretends to be badass like Jason Statham.

  • Tanit Phoenix IS HOT!!

  • good action scenes

  • craptacular action camera shots. Seriously, some of the camera work during the race is horrible. The scene snaps in and out without letting the viewer see what is going on. This got me angry.

  • TBH, I forgot most of the events from the first movie

  • Did I say the co-pilot/co-driver is hot? damn...

  • the reporter/announcer chick is annoying.

in a nutshell

The first one was better

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