March 31st, 2012

Total Recall (2012)

A factory worker has serious memory problems.

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  • Collin Farell usually stars in movies known for their action rather than story or plot line, so I came expecting exactly that.

  • I personally liked the story line because i'm generally a sucker for futuristic sci-fi. I understand that many people don't like these type of movies, but i'm a fan.

  • I like the futuristic scenario where space is at a premium

  • I also like the futuristic style of high tech mixed in with the social classes that akin to Asian dense cities (What meant is that the city style is like Venice style streets with water streets mixed with the Asian style of high density buildings and style)

  • Kate Beckinsale is hot

  • to enjoy this movie, you must suspend everything you know about gravity and physics

  • to travel from one antipode to another, it would take more than 17 minutes (assuming 1G). Also, there would be multiple gravity flips along the way. If you assume 1G throughout the trip from one side of the Earth to another, it would take roughly 45 minutes.

  • also, you can't stand on the top (or bottom) of the "the fall" elevator because the temperatures would be so high.

  • there were alot of plot holes

  • I like long movies, but if you don't

    *stay away

    *especially if you don't futuristic sci-fi

  • overall, I liked it besides obvious problems

in a nutshell

Good popcorn entertainment for futuristic sci-fi suckers like me

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