March 31st, 2013

Soldiers of Fortune (2012)

Rich people pay money to pretend they are soldiers

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  • budget movie is obviously budgeted

  • silly plot, bad acting, bad action, bad...everything.

  • Woah, it's the dude from Lost. Not a good way to make it big, bro. Pick better movies to be a part of.

  • Sean Bean is a good actor, but I don't understand why he plays in so many good and crappy movies. It must have been a good paycheck to convince him to attach his name to this movie.

  • to enjoy this movie, you must suspend everything you know about gravity and physics

  • there were some funny bits

  • the jetski chase scene was totally unecessary

  • as I type this, I'm starting to remember some of the scenes again. Oh god, i'm mentally cringing right now.

  • craptacular

in a nutshell

the verdict? craptacular

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