April 2nd, 2013

Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

A CIA Agent dedicates her career to hunting down Bin Laden.

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  • Zero Dark Thirty', was quite an experience.

  • Sharp in its production and direction and largely accurate in depicting the events that led to the death of Osama Bin Laden

  • there were a quite a few innaccuracies in the movie though. Pakistani's largely speak Urdu, not arabic.

  • The stealth helicopter aren't probably that quiet, especially if they are hovering over your house. You would certainly wake up and a firefight would ensue. Plus, I remember reading a story about how some guy on twitter heard helo's over the city and tweeted about it. So yeah, the helos were loud enough to wake people.

  • electricity was cut prior to the raid, so houses around the compound shouldn't have lights.

  • One stealth Blackhawk and one regular Blackhawk wouldn't have been enough to get that many SEALs out of there. In real life, they used three Chinooks.

  • I could go on about minor but not really important details that they got wrong

  • Torture depecited in this movie generated alot discussion about whether it torture is glorified or not in the movie. Especially on NPR where a bunch of people got their panties in a bunch. I'm personally not a fan, but I do think it's sometimes necessary. But that diuscussion is for another day.

  • One quote stuck out with me;

  • "Everyone Breaks. It's biology."

  • Another gem: > How do you like Pakistan so far? Maya: It's kinda fucked up. My thoughts exactly.

  • This is what defeat looks like, bro. Your jihad is over.

  • overall, movie was great. It had a slow burn vibe to it the beginning but then it picks up.

  • I consider Jessica Chastain to be a A-list actor now. She plays in good movies and she plays her character really well. Go watch The Debt, its pretty good.

  • great mix of action, story, intrigue, politics and drama. 4.5/5 would watch again.

in a nutshell

mostly slow burn vibe, but then it picks up to reach that "pretty good" line

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