April 16th, 2013

Upside Down (2012)

A boy and a Girl fall in love even though gravity keeps them apart - literally

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  • This is one of those movies where you must suspend the laws of physics as you know it.

  • the premise is pretty your typical love story except that they are literally kept apart by gravity of their own respective worlds which orbit each other

  • like I said, you must turn off your analytical brain for this movie to work

  • What keeps these planets from coliding?

  • I think the casting was good, plot was decent even though it's predictable

  • that said, the world building and the culture they build is pretty cool

  • you can tell they put some thought into aspects of how people live, even things like sports. How cool would it be to play basketball on two opposite-opposed but parallel courts <!-

    *[!(http://img.yoofie.net/movies/screenshots/2013/upside-down/upside-down-screenshot.png)] -->

  • like that. Isn't that cool?

  • I also love the lighting and the effects. The visual effects are simply quite stunning and creative within the setting of the story.

  • Horrible narration though. The explanation, writing and monologue is painful to listen to. The writing sounds like it was written by film school dropout.

  • the narration has this horrible faux expressive vibe that is horrible. I think the guy is a decent actor, but narration is clearly not his strong suit.

  • If your a sucker for sci-fi and you can turn off your analytical brain off for a bit, I think you'll enjoy this movie

in a nutshell

visually stunning and creative

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