April 23rd, 2013

Six Bullets (2012)

Van Damme saves children from the mob

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Warning! This review contains Spoliers

  • a good plot! Kids get kidnapped in some foreign country and parents enlist an ex legionnaire to kidnap the kids back

  • Where the movie falls short is that the wife of the kidnapped kid seems so out of it that...you can't take her seriously. She is clearly not interested in the role or she is simply a horrible actor. The dad was decent enough and so was everyone else. Enough to make it watchable.

  • Van Damme was pretty good, delivering a good range of emotions

  • most of the action scenes are pretty bad and unrealistic. the scenes where the dad took out a bunch of guys at the bar was a good scene, and the the scene at the begininng of the movie was okay. But everything else sucked.

  • It suffers from a "dumb enemy" diesease that only seems to occur in the movies and games. You know what i'm talking about. The enemy all slowly walk with their AK's on their hips, out in the middle of road, in a straight line just waiting to die.

  • This movie is surpringly good for a straight-to-DVD movie, but still is not


  • good.

  • I don't watch Van Damme movies, so I can't tell if it's one of his better or worse movies.

in a nutshell

a classic B rate movie, but not bad

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