May 29th, 2013

Stolen (2011)

A theif's daughter gets stolen.

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  • this is a Nicholas Cage movie, so my standards are automatically low.

  • his newer stuff sucks.

  • you can tell this was a budget movie

  • an okay plot, but everything seems a bit off.

  • I want to say the casting is bad which would explain why everything seems "off", but there some decent actors here like the Human Target guy, this guy and this guy

  • So i'm gonna say the writing or the director is bad.

  • the french Taxi cab guy is hilarious. If you ever watch this movie, you will know who i'm talking about

  • there are a few funny bits

  • the daughter looks nothing like the da

  • the movie did not shine in any genre. Thriller? Action? Suspense? Nope.

  • some scenes are unrealistic or stupid. No, you cant rob a bank with a blowtorch from underground. If you can, then banks deserve to be robbed.

  • Totally forgetable movie otherwise. Nothing special, average thriller. Hopefully Cage plays in something better next time.

in a nutshell

decent plot, everything else sucks

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