May 31st, 2013

Blindness (2008)

A woman is the only one who can see when the rest of the world goes blind from a plague.

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  • I found the premise of the movie quite interesting. One by one, people slowly start losing their sight in what appears to be a plague. Over time, everyone goes blind except one woman who stays with her husband as they are quarantined.

  • I'm not sure if it's based on a book, but I imagine if if there was a book

    *it would be an awesome read. Plenty of room to introspect on, well, pretty much everything.

  • losing a critical sense such as sight would be be devastating and as the movie goes on, you see how the world falls apart in short order.

  • there are funny moments where you literally see the blind leading the blind, people bumping into objects. You can't help but chuckle at some of the scenes.

  • the movie has a unique perspective of the best and worst of humanity. You see how people can take advantage of other people by solely using their character, charisma and personality to get their way.

  • The idea that people would turn on each other even though they suffer together is not new, but in my mind, this movie takes a unique perspective. There are many moral and philosophical questions insights this movie raises which is good in my book. I enjoy a good movie with some depth.

  • there are many disturbing scenes of what lengths people will go to survive.

  • the group dynamics of how people separate and stick together while they suffer is quite interesting.

  • this movie makes you question what you would do if you were a blind person among millions. It also makes you question yourself about what you would do if you were the only person who can see in a world of blind people. I mean this both literally, figuratively and metaphorically.

  • I was pretty hooked almost throughout the entire movie, but I can see (pun intended) how some people may not like it or find it predictable. I personally didn't find it predictable because I simply never considered such a scenario.

  • all the actors were good. the lead female character really brought home the sense of despair and utter hopelessness.

  • beautiful cinematography, beautiful city and a good sense of dystopia. When you see people in the streets, the enviroment looks very beleivable. Trash thrown about everywhere, disabled cars, raided shops and buildings...all of it was very well done.

  • go watch it, I presonally found this movie fascinating in many ways.

in a nutshell

simply fascinating

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