June 16th, 2010

Gamer (2009)

Humans control other humans in real video game enviroments.

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  • So, the world (yes, the world) is caught up in this cultural phenomena where humans control other humans in a real world video game environment.

  • Players control "slayers", real human convicts playing as soldiers. If you survive 30 battles, the convict earns their freedom

  • the real human-controls-real-human concept in itself is interesting, very similar to Surrogates (which was a wayyyy better movie btw)

  • "Society", another game using the mind control tech in movie is completely pointless, just like Playstation Home

  • now that I think of it, the movie depicted most gamers quite accurately in the society

    *batshit crazy twisted and disturbed assholes.

  • did I mention the scenes about "society" were completely pointless? They didn't add to the movie besides run-time.

  • whats with the random people walking around during a battle?

  • movie just felt weird and twisted

  • started hating the movie in the first 10 minutes

  • predictable ending if you kept watching

in a nutshell

Interesting concept, but just....bad. Skip it.

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