June 9th, 2013

Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)

invincible protaginist kills zombies for a living

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  • I was bored, okay? No need to shame me for watching this.

  • this movie is utter garbage

  • I want my 1.5 hours back

  • oh god. I can't believe I actually stayed awake through most of it (I watched this as I was going to bed). I think I fell asleep before the ending

  • the movie consists of retarded unplausible action sequences. To be honest, I kinda expected that

    *but still, when the main character is invincable, you better damn have a good everything else (plot, charachters etc) to make up for this common trick.

  • only thing that this movie has going for it is that the Chinese chick is attractive. Milla Jovovich should do a society a favor and stop being these crappy movies.

  • movies based on games usually suck because they try to stay close to the action of the game(s). Does not work on the silver screen.

  • avoid at all costs. movie blows

in a nutshell

the investors who funded this movie are idiots

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