June 14th, 2013

Flight (2012)

Denzel Washington saves the day while drunk and then has to deal with the aftermath.

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  • the guy in the stairwell is pretty funny

  • the hippy guy is pretty funny.

  • Coco puffs. Jeez, this is ameateur hour.

  • watch the movie, you'll understand.

  • to be honest, there is not much I wan't to say about this movie. Denzel Washington is good, as usual. Good story, lot of funny parts, touching parts etc. Not much to complain about, not many suggestions to improve it either. I give it a three and a half stars because i'll probably forget about it over time.

  • this movie would probably have a greater impact (if any) on people who had or is dealing with alcohol abuse.

  • overall, this is a good movie.

in a nutshell

pretty good

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