June 21st, 2013

Killer Joe (2011)

Trailer park white trash try to collect death insurance money by hiring a cop who kills people on the side.

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  • I stopped watching this half way through

  • I hate movies that feature stupid people (especially trailer park white trash), especially when the movie tries to make you take them seriously

  • some of the characters are so stupid you think they tried to take a cartoon trope of a stupid person and try to put them into real life situation (did that make any sense?)

  • characters are literally retarded. This is not a comedy mind you (in which retarded people would be acceptable)

    *your supposed to take this movie seriously

  • McConaughey actually plays his part pretty well, but the plot and retarded charachters make this movie a no-go for me

in a nutshell

I stopped watching half-way through

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