June 22nd, 2013

The Lucky One (2013)

A Marine sets out to find the unknown woman he believes was his good luck charm during the war.

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  • I was bored and decided to play a game. I randomly pick a pick a channel on TV and watch the entire movie, no matter how good/bad/______ it was

  • The Lucky One starring Zac Effron.


  • I made a commitment, so I had to watch this

  • plausible premise of a soldier (Effron) who finds an image of a loved one from a fallen comrade. He asks around, can't indentify the soldier to which the picture belongs to, so he keeps it. Fast forward 3 tours of duty. Believes said image is is good luck charm for keeping him alive. Comes homes, suffers from typcial PTSD, sets out to find and thank the unknown woman in the picture

  • typical chick flick story goes on from here. Finds woman, situation changes the plan, woman not interested at first, soldier boy works in close proximity to woman, slowly attracts woman (via her child), jealous/asshole ex-husband tries to complicate things, he manages to win her over despite challenges...blah blah blah

  • catch my drift? Utterly typcial and predictable chick flick for teenage girls who are lonely

  • nothing special, lots of scenes where they try to make the guy look good and sexy

  • I don't really know what else to say. I follows a tried and tested forumala as roughly outlined above

  • do girls really dig this stuff? really?

in a nutshell

nothing special chick flick

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