July 29th, 2013

Eden (2012)

A korean-American girl gets kidnapped and is brought into a sex trafficking ring run by a Arizona Cheif Of Police.

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Warning! This review contains Spoliers

  • this movie is well done and disturbing. A Korean-American girl gets kidnapped and is forced to be a sex slave in the sex trafficking ring run a by a Arizona Chief of Police, of all people. Apparently, this is based on a true story.

  • there is tons of info about Europe is known to have a lot of human/sex trafficking cartels. But rarely do you hear of such things in America, so this kinda caught me off guard. It something you don't really think about.

  • part of the disturbing thing about this movie is seeing how they were forced to live. A storage facility where you stuff your junk. Four people per unit, little to no anything like TV or books....oh man...

  • another thing that is creepy is the age of all the girls. Almost all under or at age 18. I must have been scary for the actors themselves. I know it would creep me out that even filming something like this would be very haunting

  • assuming the events in the movie are accurate, and that's a big if, why are people paying for them? For example, in the movie the girls get taken to a frat party where guys have their way. You figure college dudes would notice that hey...these girls are slaves? Also, regular business types also seem to accept it. wow..just wow. you figure there would a moral baseline that people wouldn't cross.

  • whats with the orderlies? You know, those comical beefy guys that watch and generally maintain the facility. They act like a bunch of comic book henchmen that have little to no say in the operation and just seem generally seem dumb slaves? What keep them there? I assume it's money, but it's never even hinted at throughout the movie.

  • the movie itself was very well shot. It feels like a indie movie but with all the benefits of a professional Hollywood film. Actors were very good, excellent cinematography and generally well made.

in a nutshell

disturbing subject. Brings up things you rather not want to think about

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