July 30th, 2013

Erased (2012)

CIA agent/engineer Aaron Eckhart has gets his life erased. Proceeds to find find out what the hell is going on while his daughter tags along.

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  • acting was good by everybody.

  • this is one of those movies where you would be doing something in the kitchen, flip a channel or two, catch the beginning and and watch it as you ate something. TV thriller movie, popcorn entertainment action

  • please note that i'm saying this movie is NOT bad. It's actually pretty good. It's just not great.

  • I love movies filmed in Europe. Excellent cinematography, excellent location and all the general awesomeness of European cities and their historical architecture.

  • movie has a "cold" feel to it. Shades of blue throughout the scenes set the mood and general vibe to the movie to match the character who feels out of place living in Europe.

  • now that I think of it, If this movie starred Liam Neeson, it would kind of like Taken except he would be fighting to take his career back instead of his daughter who would tag along for this ride.

in a nutshell

average espionage thriller

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