August 5th, 2013

Oblivion (2013)

Tom Cruise fixes drones in a post-apocalyptic Earth.

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Warning! This review contains Spoliers

  • this is the type of scifi I love

  • This movie is produced/directed by thre guy that brought you Tron Legacy (which I liked), so you know your going to get a top notch audio and visuals

  • beautiful cinematography. Seriously, there are very few films that take some of the time to show the barren landscape of Earth post war

  • there are many scenes where the colour of scene sets the mood, just like the scenes in Skyfall. I seriously could use scenes of this movie as wallpapers for my desktop because it looks so good

  • Living on those stations would so awesome. The view is so breathtaking. I watched a behind the scenes feautre on how they made this movie. They actually went to some mountaintop and filmed the clouds over the course of a few days. I'm a sucker for timelapse videos/photos, especially things involving sky, space and stars

  • music was very well done. they took M83 (a group that I like) and adapted their style to a futuristic film. I will definetly downloading the soundtrack

  • acting was good by everybody. Tom Cruise, Olga Kurylenko and the British red head were really on top of it. And speaking of Olga Kurylenko, she is getting better and better. Playing in good movies, not sucking and generally being awesome after doing a James Bond movie, so kudos to her. Also, Jamie from Game Of Thrones makes an appearance and so does Morgan Freeman. You can't really go wrong with these guys

  • honestly, I wasn't bored at all during this film, which clocked in just over 2 hours

  • I thought the plot was well done. I won't write about it here, but if your read or watched enough sci-fi, you could see where its going. I'm usually good at predicting endings but this one kept me guessing longer than usual (until near the ending, at that point I knew what was going to happen).

  • The ending was kinda cheesy and predictable, but I loved the ending line. Kind of reminds me of 2001: A space Oddysey

  • just watch the movie, the less you know, the more you will enjoy it.

in a nutshell

your eyes and ears are in for a treat

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