August 10th, 2013

Assault On Wall Street (2013)

The dude from Prison Break falls on hard times, shoots up Wall Street.

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Warning! This review contains Spoliers

  • pretty meh to be honest

  • its not bad, but its not great

  • nothing much to it really. [This guy][1] from [Prison Break][2] is in it, so I was willing to give it a shot since he was really really good in that series

  • story is pretty simple and predictable but well played out. Average Joe falls on hard times with his wife and financial situation gets worse as the economy goes to sh

    *t. Gets worse and worse until he shoots up the bankers

  • plot holes ! plot holes everywhere!

  • the ending was very good. I'm still kicking myself for not seeing that coming until like 5 seconds before the event happens. You know what i'm talking about if you saw the movie.

  • the movie obviously takes some indiredirect jabs at the U.S's health system and banking system. I'm cool with that. The character in the movie sounds stupid though. It is not really difficult to figure out if you take some time and read a few books [1]: [2]:

in a nutshell

slow burn, average movie

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