August 16th, 2013

Fast And Furious Six (2013)

The Fast and Furious crew get dragged back into yet another mission. The final one, for realsies this time.

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Warning! This review contains Spoliers

  • this is the sixth one, so you know they are milking this series for every last dime (this message is brought to you by captain obvious)

  • but just because its the sixth one does not necessarily mean it sucks.

  • to be honest, I got what i expected. The crew gets dragged back into a final mission which gives them full pardons. Car chase scenes, explosions, hand-to-hand fight scenes, cheesy dialogue and other ridiculousness ensues

  • its that UFC chick again! Love it when action scenes are based in reality. But damn, didn't see that plot twist coming. They got me there, so kudos to them for that

  • tanks now? Really?

  • Tanks weren't enough. A plane!

  • the scene where they chase the plane for like 20 minutes is soooooo long. You figure they would run out of runway.

  • this is ridiculous popcorn entertainment for the action only. Its like a third of the movie was directed by a 12 year old. No complaints here though.

in a nutshell

Cars don't cut it anymore. As if a Tank wasn't enough, they got a Plane too.

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