August 24th, 2013

Dead Man Down (2013)

Collin Farrell is a gangster.

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  • the movie has a noir feel to it. After a gang showdown, Farrell is standing out

  • awesome acting and a very good supporting cast. These are not simplton cardboard cutout that you find in most movies of this type

  • what makes this movie so good is that it takes time for actual story and character development. That is, you slowly find out the motivations, ulterior motives, the struggles etc. When you combines a good plot with these traits, you get awesomeness.

  • this movie has a little bit of everything for guys and the gals. You can watch this as a gritty crime revenge thriller or a crazy love romance film.

  • another noteworthy point that I especially like (if you haven't noticed) is that it stays focused in reality. The protangonist takes his time, plans and prepares and generally intelligently builds everything up so that he can do what he can do.

  • good acting by everyone. Noomi Rapace is attractive and generally plays good roles in good movies. Colin Farrell continues to kick ass. Terance Howard makes a good mob boss.

in a nutshell

a very good intelligent thriller

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