October 10th, 2013

13 Assasins (2010)

13 assasins get together to kill the shogun's advisor because he's an a$$h0le

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  • this is a foreign film that takes place in 1844 feudal Japan

  • in the first part of the movie it is hard to make sense of who-is-who (because subtitles and siliar sounding names), but after a little while you'll catch onto the plot

  • the scene where they showed the limbless is sooo disturbing. I've seen some messed up sh!t on film, but for some reason, this scene scarred me for life. At that point, you'll know whats going down.

  • the fighting scenes suffer from the classic attack-the-protagonist-one-at-a-time syndrome. 13 fighters don't take on over 200 samurai

  • I liked how the scenery, setting, style etc stayed true to the era. But I somehow felt that this couldn't possibly take place in 1844. Were they that backward back then?

in a nutshell

A solid Japanese drama

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