October 18th, 2013

White House Down (2013)

A D.C cop finds himself defending POTUS while he is on tour with his daughter. Also, explosions and bullets.

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  • I guess it's the season where [someone wants the White House burn?][1]

  • When you watch a Die Hard-like-kind-of-action-movie like this it's best to check your brain at the door and have a good time.

  • What I like about this movie compared to [Olympus has Fallen][1] is this movie takes itself less seriously.

  • action is good, but there are alot of obvious scenes that would never happen IRL. Would people crowd around the White House as it was under attack? Sure. Then a minute later they would lock that shi7 down so fast that you would never know what happened.

  • I like the scene where the president is trying to shoot the baddy and takes his glasses out I almost thought this was a parody of sorts of action movies, and I LOL'd because it was just good timing, with Channing Tatum shouting "Shoot! Shoot! No, don't shoot! don't shoot! Ok, now shoot!" and all this time the president is all nervous and fumbling with his glasses.

  • comparing this movie to [Olympus Has Fallen][1] is hard. I'm trying to decide where scenario is more plausible IRL. The well planned outright attack on the building from outside or a carefully executed inside job that catches everyone by surprise? [1]: http://yoofie.net/reviews/movies/106

in a nutshell

its fun watching the White House being blown up

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