November 16th, 2013

Machine Gun Preacher (2011)

White trailer park trash finds Jesus and goes helps kids in Africa.

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  • I really hate watching movies involving trashy people, especially trailer trash. Something about these people irratates me. I almost stopped even, but I kept watching and I am glad I did

  • Gerard Butler continues to get better and better as he plays in more movies. Considering the subject matter of the movie, he nails the role

  • the meat of this movie is how the protagonist struggles in his craptacular life and slowly transitions to a born-again Christian which eventually goes to Africa on a missions trip to help people

  • the plight of the people in the war is haunting. Refugee camps, children running around without their parents, child soldiers, the poverty is just depressing

  • the fact that this movie is based on a guy who

    *still to this day

    *does what he does is amazing. The guy is a saint

  • this movie makes me feel like crap considering we have nice and safe here in the West.

  • it's always good to remember that so many people have it worse than us and we should help them. If we can't help them with our time and sweat, then we could at least help them financially

in a nutshell

very touching

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