November 22nd, 2013

Elysium (2013)

Poor people of Earth are jealous of the rich people of Elysium.

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Warning! This review contains Spoliers

  • If you liked District 9, then I think you'll like this one if you like sci-fi technology, gear and robots

  • the difference between District 9 and this is that District 9 had a decent plot/interesting story. This movie lacked that. So basically you'll only like this movie for it's sci-fictionness with regards to the robots, gear, technology etc.

  • but even if your a sucker for sci-fi tech, alot of it was so redicoulous that I found it hard to take it seriously. Curing cancer in seconds? Really guys? Not realistic. At least have some basis in reality, please.

  • the story was just bland with obvious political overtones that really kinda made me think that someone was trying to get somekind of liberal political message across. Here, the message was quite obviously regarding illegal immigration and undocumented people. LA is a wasteland filled with only latinos and the protagonist is a white guy who was on a suicide mission to save himself and the planet. How am I supposed to take you people seriously, let alone the message your trying to get across

  • on top of that, they shift from the illegal/undocumented people issue to the classic class warfare poor vs. rich theme.

  • oh no, the poor are poor and want what the rich have got. The class warfare trope is tired and boring, especially in a movie where it doesn't explain how things came to be this way beside saying everything went to sh!7

  • there is one scene where the agent gets a huge chunk of his face blown off only to be repaired by these silly magical curing boxes. Why can't some of them be used to help people on Earth? Do they break easy? take too much power? The movie doesn't explain anything. You have to give us something other than “rich people are dicks.”

  • cartoonish villains. An evil omni-corporation.


  • and whats with the power dynamic on Elysium. If I didn't know better, the defense minister has more power than the president yet she plots a coup'd'etat

  • besides the action and tech, this movie is forgettable. The proble is the poorly thought out heavy handed political message

  • go watch [Oblivion][1] if you want to watch an actually good sci-fi film [1]:

in a nutshell

watch it only for spaceships and tech

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