November 27th, 2013

Prisoners (2013)

Hugh Jackman goes to extreme lengths to find his missing daughter.

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  • pretty awesome slow paced thriller

  • In case anyone ever asks "What is the maze man's connection to the plot?", [just show them this rundown][1] [1]:

  • for some reason, when I saw the thumbnail cover image of this movie, I thought the movie takes palce in the 1800's Europe or something. Only when I actually started watching the movie I realized that it takes place in modern day America. So the moral of this bullet point is not to assume the setting of a movie based on its cover (see what i did there?)

  • you know how I always knock movies for being predictable? Well, this is one of those rare movies where they caught me off gaurd until they revealed the critical clue. In hindsight, I should of seen it coming. It should of been obvious. But they truly caught me off guard, so kudos to them. +1/2 stars

  • acting was really good. Like they-should-win-an-oscar good. At the very minimum, a nomination

  • would reccomend

in a nutshell

A good exploration of moral ambiguity

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