November 30th, 2013

Red Lights (2012)

A pysch professor and her grad student sidekick bust psychics

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  • I was honestly expecting a slow paced horror flick. Walked away pleasantly surprised.

  • the movie is relly about a pyschology duo (professor + grad student) who investigate paranormal claims. Despite the horror film vibe you get from watching the first couple of minutes, it really gets better and becomes interesting (at least to me). It has an awesome sense of atmosphere.

  • both characters are well played and well developed. The physchologist is cold, calculating, and firm but fair and honest. The sidekick is like an apprentice that tries to show that he can impress the boss and that he's a big boy too.

  • they kinda blew the final scene on the stage IMO. I won't go into details, but the movie show of stopped when the coin was tossed.

  • watch it, pretty good

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a intelligent mystery

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