January 6th, 2014

Only God Forgives (2013)

Ryan Goslings bro kills a person's daughter, revenge-revenge killings ensues with cop king-pin

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  • this movie is so slow and boring that...I don't even know what to put here

  • this is one of those slow "artistic" slow paced films where each scene takes forever and very little happens

  • now, the plot is actually decent, but the movie blows it with the lack of dialogue and its slow paced-ness and general dullness that makes you want to fall asleep. Gosling literally says like 10 lines in the entire movie. People who payed to see this movie got robbed the while the crew who made this movie are laugh their a$$es off to the bank.

  • What with these movies where the director thinks he can substitute plot for cinematography? And why does Gosling continue to do these movies? Just why?

  • Oh wait, I think I know why. I think Gosling likes to do these movies because they are pretty much 2 hour long continuous selfie shots where he tries to looks serious and sexy? That is seriously the only theory I can up with.

  • the only thing this film has going for it is the cinematography. Nice scenes with cool lights. Thats about it.

in a nutshell

learn from my mistakes and don't ever watch this

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