July 13th, 2010

The Unthinkable (2005)

Samuel L. Jackson tortures people.

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  • jackson tortures a terrorist while FBI do-gooders try to take moral high-ground

  • I like that there was a mix or philosophy, reason and just plain practicality

  • crazy terrorist is crazy

  • yes, Jackson almost does the unthinkable

  • more unthinkable stuff happens

  • acting was well done by everyone, especially Jackson, the FBI agent and the terrorist

  • Almost forgot, Jackson is also crazy, and so is his wife...

  • good film that makes you think. Movies explores moral boundaries regarding torture, saving lives and other related matters

  • good mindplay which doesn't follow the usual Hollywood script. No romantic sub-plots here folks! Just how I like it

  • go see it, its worth your time

in a nutshell

a movie that makes you genuinely think about morality

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