June 22nd, 2013

Side Effects (2013)

Depressed woman has side effects after taking anti-depression meds

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Warning! This review contains Spoliers

  • finally, after (attempting) to watch a (of what I know now to be) bunch of bad movies, I finally end up watching something good, like real good
  • So the movie is interesting because it takes a real life phenomenon (depression, medication and their side effects) and crafts a good and interesting plot with it, and then blindsides you with an interesting ending
  • part of the reason I really enjoyed this movie is because it portrays what I imagine real world life works like. For example, a doctor is genuinely trying to help a patient, something goes wrong and all of a sudden you see the doctor thrown under the bus (in the context of the movie). No violence, no bullets - just good 'ol classic lying, maniuplation, politcal manuaevering. This is part of the reason I like Game of Thrones so much. It shares many of the same traits of this movie in a plausible and highly realistic fashion
  • the movie has a definite slow burn vibe to it, kind of like Zero Dark Thirty. So if you liked that movie, I think you will like this movie
  • movie made me think of how the pharmaceutical industry operates and how it may positvely of ngatively affects people in various ways (i'm not trying to be vague, but it really made me step back and consider such things for a minute)
  • acting ws well done by all, believable story, situation etc etc.
  • this movie is part thriller, part suspense and quite good
  • FINALLY! A MOVIE WHERE I DIDN'T PREDICT THE ENDING!!!1111 The ending quarter of the movie got me by surprise
  • 4/5, would be fooled again

in a nutshell

part thriller, part mystery and quite good

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